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A start-up based in United Kingdom, who is emphasizing on organizations and SME’s to incorporate such IT solutions to enhance the deliver and business value for the companies

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UI & UX Designing

User experience is one of the vital things when targeting your customers, better UI leads to better delivery and profit. If the user finds it difficult to navigate through that’s where UI/UX plays vital role for any application.

Agile Transformation

Agile is not just a development lifecycle, it is a culture of work. Get proper agile training, make your own scrum masters, product owners, product managers and release train engineers. Make your teams high deliverable individuals.

web & mobile development

Be first to the market with interactive website and mobile application, showcase your services and product on a single hassle-free platform. Responsive websites and mobile applications with digital onboarding.

Digital Marketing

An act of promoting your products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media & email marketing. Digital marketing lets you communicate with your customers in real-time. Moreover, it lets them communicate with you.

Data Warehousing

Skip the hassle of data from separate platforms and applications, switch to a data warehouse, a single repository for all your data. Having a single data repository will open opportunities to correlate the data and BI Tools.

Support & Maintenance

We offer after deployment support and maintenance for all our services. Our team is always keen to make sure we meet your requirements. We value the relation of a post deployment with our clients and organizations.

Data Visualization

Tired of looking at excel sheets, get your business intelligence tools with data visualization to optimize the learning on data and enhance the business decisions using dashboards. Visualize the performance with KPI’s.




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We developed a great partnership with Techninit and their dedication towards the development of our website is surely evident in all the aspects of the website. We appreciate their work, attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new endeavor to life.

Ebad Khan

Adroit Light Solutions
Our company became a Techinit client in 2020 and we’ve been overwhelmed with their services and products. Not only do they do an outstanding job in delivery and ongoing maintenance but also take an extra mile to be creative and design future work.

Mohammad Ali

Alawi Express
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